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The Catalina Tile Company began as a manufacturer of ceramic building materials, and developed into one of the most prestigious tile factories in Southern California. In a time of great cultural and architectural renaissance, Catalina tile produced some of the finest quality hand glazed decorative art tile of the 20's and 30's. Born from the imagination of Mr. William Wrigley Jr. and his desire to lure tourists to Catalina Island, the Catalina tile company produced enormous amounts of tile, both decorative and functional, that are still prominent throughout the Island today. 

Of particular interest, decorative pictorial tile murals inhabit the island in a mulititude of places. They can be found in fountains, patios, in the airport, and on storefronts. The Bird Murals are a creative and vivid example of the ceramic artistry that was produced by Catalina Clay Company. Inspired by the public Bird Park that was home to some 3000 rare and exotic birds, these ceramic tile murals provide a bright reminder of our historic past.



Established as part of the master craftsmen revival movement, we strive to reproduce and recreate the architectural fine art of the past. Catalina Classic Tile Company is a small tile company in the same tradition of local tile manufacturers who flourished during the early part of the 20th century. We produce tile because we love the richness it brings to our lives through its cultural elegance and historical splendor. There is no finer experience than creating from nothing a magical environment that enriches our surroundings and infuses our imaginations with color. 

With a lifetime of experience in ceramics and tile we have established ourselves as an important piece in the custom tile world. Many of the Art Tile projects that we have designed and manufactured adorn prominent commercial and residential structures.

We work closely with architects, designers, and builders to provide clients with an outstanding selection of craftsmanship in the tradition and style of our predecessors. Each one of our finely detailed tiles is handcrafted by rigorously trained artisans and offers a rich heritage in ornamental beauty.