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At Codicer 95 we have more than 20 years experience creating top quality floor tiles. We offer a wide range of select products designed to meet every need together with matching trim pieces to make any job possible.

The ideal product for every installation

The variety of sizes and finishes of our collections make them perfect for any kind of use.

We supply a wide range of products from warm rustic looks to the latest trends achieved by hi-tech digital printing. Whichever of our products you use you are guaranteed perfect results. Our products are accompanied by special pieces, designed and manufactured to help you work to any plan.

The quality of all our products and our long experience in the industry help us meet the needs of the most demanding customers from all over the world.



Innovation and the environment  

Our production process which is totally automated and which incorporates the most modern technology on the market enables us to offer extremely high quality and resistant ceramic tiles that can be used indoors and out and especially where conditions are extreme. In short, we can recommend our tiles for use anywhere.

At Codicer we believe that progress, quality and commitment to the environment should go hand in hand and consequently we submit to the strictest controls in order to obtain the necessary certificates and qualifications to back this up.