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DECOCER was founded in Vila-real, Castellón, in 1988 as manufacturers of porcelain and white body ceramic borders and listellos, decorations and wall/floor tiles in small size.

Through constant design innovations to its products, Decocer has forged a place as one of the leading manufacturer of special pieces world-wide.

The firm's rapid growth led to a need for bigger factory premises and so in 1995 the factory moved to its current 24.000m2 (72.000sqf) premises in Onda (Castellón).

With the biggest production with the ceramic industry, we are not just a third fire manufacturer but a complete cycle factory, we start with the reception of the clay, up to the boxing of the final produce.

Since Decocer's foundation up until the present day, constant technological innovations have been introduced and ongoing effort have been made to ensure all-round quality.

We only use the best machinery available, SACMII presses and Rotocolor from systems, but our latest innovation has been to incorporate in our production process the digital printing also called DDD or Decocer Digital Design, this technology enables us to imitate to perfection different materials such as marble, natural stone, oxides, metals, wood, and of course photographic pictures of any kind, on flat tiles or bass-reliefs.

Decocer currently offers a wide range of products, including special pieces, floor tiles and small format wall tiles, making sure that the very best materials are used in the manufacture of each individual product.