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Durstone Porcelain

DURSTONE is a well known and reference in the competitive international brand ceramic sector.

From the beginning our goal was clear: to be the best provider of technical porcelain rectified, with a high standard in design and quality.

In a market, but then collapsed unspecialized product, DURSTONE struck by his philosophy. We are different and this made us special from the outset.

Our business line is based on analyzing trends, test qualities and know the technological innovations in porcelain, in order to offer the market a catalog of collections chosen carefully to meet the highest levels of technical and aesthetic requirements.

But the work is not only done at the level of porcelain product, but also is accompanied by the necessary efforts in facilities, equipment and, of course, marketing and promotion tools. Catalogs, technical panels and exhibitors offering not only parts but a new way to present and highlight their aesthetic, are the hallmark of DURSTONE.

With effort and dedication we have brought our brand and our products both Spanish and international markets and yet continue to work with the enthusiasm and commitment of the first day.