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Gayafores Ceramistas

more than a century of experience decorating the most diverse lifestyles and designing imperishable environments. A final guarantee that guarantees a large ceramic product of the highest quality and beauty. 

GAYAFORES has established itself worldwide reaching over 80 countries spread across five continents. This is also reflected in the spirit of GAYAFORES, and in the daily effort to offer new solutions and decorative possibilities, adapted to market needs. 

The company currently has facilities covering an area of 160.000m2 fully tailored to use art technology, with a clear objective "a process of production, service and end product quality." We are specialized in coating and porcelain floor and white body with more than 2.5 million m2 annual production. Overall, GAYAFORES has an overall production of over 18,000 m2 / day, but in turn, with the possibility to increase it if increases in specific demand, ensuring the "quality of service" as one of the main objectives strategic company. 

raw materials . Only the most advanced technologies, combined with a great experience and a strict selection of the best raw materials (clays, glazes, frits, ...), you can get a collection of high quality and beauty. In this sense, GAYAFORES makes a careful and thorough control at the reception and subsequent use of such raw materials (clays, glazes, frits, ...), which are controlled before and during the production process itself, thus avoiding possible contamination in production processes. 

commitment to quality . Since its inception in 1897, GAYAFORES has always been committed to delivering a quality product and the right service that customers require. This commitment and human effort, is today an inherent part in the Quality Policy GAYAFORES, and has been a key element in planning the business strategies of the company.