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Monocibec Porcelain

Fincibec Group’s history begins in Sassuolo, Italy, in the fifties, with Cibec, a mechanical workshop in the street of Via Verrazzano that was one of the most appreciated constructers of machinery in the ceramic industry of the time. Cibec introduced technologies such as atomizers, which revolutionized the very way of making ceramics.

Cibec’s own ceramic production began in the sixties, when the company, among the first in Sassuolo, brought to market its floor tiles in fine porcelain stoneware.

But it was in the seventies, with the introduction of light single-fired frost-proof ceramics, or glazed stoneware, that the success attained by the company convinced its owners to leave behind its mechanical department to focus solely on the production of floor and wall tiling.

In 1976, Cibec became Monocibec, and in 1981, the new brand facilities of Casiglie di Sassuolo were inaugurated to meet increasing production demands.

Expansion continued in the nineties with the acquisition of two plants and the creation of new brands, Naxos, in the Solignano plant, to specialize in the production of wall tiles, and Century, in the Roteglia plant, to specialize in the production of technical porcelain stoneware.

The birth of Fincibec Group, in 1997, was the keystone of a growth that continues today, driven by the passion for innovation and research that has marked six decades of the company’s history.