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Saloni was founded in 1971 with a clear view to meeting consumer demands. It now has premises covering an area of 240,000 m2, with a workforce dedicated to meeting the needs of customers on all five continents in swift smooth fashion.

For the above purposes, the company strives at all times to offer innovative products in keeping with market needs, with the emphasis on superior quality and design. Continual investment is made into R&D and innovation, in addition to the introduction of cutting-edge manufacturing systems. Saloni produces a wide range of different white-body, porcelain and coloured-body tiles, as well as through-body porcelain tiles, so that customers can always find tile products to match their requirements.

Self-declared environmental claim. In keeping with its commitment to environmental care, Saloni has been assessed as complying with the UNE-EN ISO 14021 standard.

These self-declared environmental claims by Saloni have been assessed and approved by Bureau Veritas in order to guarantee their credibility and boost consumer confidence in the company. LEED is a recognized international sustainable building certification system. Buildings with a LEED certificate guarantee energy savings of between 30 and 70% compared to conventional ones.

CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 35%. Given its awareness of these needs, Saloni has striven to ensure that its products offer such benefits and they provide up to 2 points needed for the obtainment of a LEED certificate.