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Stn Ceramica

Ceramics STN forms a solid group of companies engaged in the manufacture and marketing of the most advanced ceramic products. 
Industrial activity STN Ceramics group started 30 years ago with the launch of Ceramics Nulense. He started its production of ceramic bisque with 32 employees and 60,000 m2 of industrial space. 
In this space of time and thanks to a constant investment, STN Ceramics, has become a business that spans 200,000 m2, with a floor area of 70,000 m2 and 225 professionals capable of producing 34,000,000 m2 / year of ceramic products. 
in previous years, STN Ceramics, has renewed its production processes.He has made a gradual and steady investment that has culminated in the incorporation in September 2010 technology "Styljet" digital printing and is now incorporated into all production lines STN Ceramics. As aresult STN Ceramics, obtains a product of the highest quality which is recognized worldwide for its design and competitiveness. Currently STN Ceramics is one of the most modern factories in the world and one of the most productive capacity of Spain.

STN commercial power Ceramics covers 120 countries with special presence throughout the Spanish territory.

As a result of all this effort for quality ceramics obtained in 2007 STN ISO 9001 certification

It is our pleasure, introduce this catalog, where you will find a wide range of ceramic products in wall and floor tiles, made of porcelain material or red paste, glazed, finished in high gloss and as a differential product those who have been specially espesorados . On the other hand you will find a variety of sizes, from those subtly elongated, up to large formats.